• Autonomous decentralized currency

  • SoliditySHA3 Proof of Work algorithm

  • Automatic difficulty adjustment

  • Works with Ethereum Smart Contracts


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What is 0xBitcoin Cash

The Ethereum network has provided a medium for cryptocurrency to be used for more than just a digital currency traded on exchanges or being used for purchases. Blockchain applications, in the form of smart contracts has made the Ethereum network a vital aspect of transparency, decentralization and a permissionless digital economy. Combining what Bitcoin Cash in its current form along with the revolutionary scalability of the Ethereum network, 0xBitcoinCash (0xBCH) was born.


CPU Mining

At low difficulty, 0xBCH can be mined using your CPU.

GPU Mining

For those who prefer GPU mining, you can do so.


0xBCH can be implemented into smart contract application development.


As 0xBCH grows, merchants are more than welcome to accept it as payment.

Getting Started

MVis Token Miner

Download the latest version of MVis Token Miner


Download the latest version of COSMiC Miner


You can verify the OFFICIAL 0xBitcoinCash Smart Contract on Etherscan

View Smart Contract
Need Further Help?

You can follow the link below for instructions on how to start mining 0xBitcoin Cash

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